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It's Relaunch Day for In the Enchanter's Arms

It's back! In the Enchanter's Arms, Book 3 in The Magiste Chronicles is available now everywhere! Like the other books in series, it has been revised, but not by too much, story-wise. Actually, out of all of the books in this series, this one needed very little clean-up. The biggest changes are the updated title and smoking hot new cover by Winter Bayne. Let me tell you, this woman is amazing. I gave her the images and my ideas and she ran with it. And as you can see from the finished product, perfection! :D

Of course, as always, I say this about all my books – they are all very special to me - I had so much fun writing this one. What I really enjoyed about this story was that I could play in one of my favorite worlds while writing it. No, not the Magiste, (though of course I adore them and have plans for more books in the series) but the equestrian world. When I was growing up, I was a horse nut. I took riding lessons for years, and in high school, worked at the stable after school to help pay for not only the lessons, but the chance to just immerse myself in horses. Unfortunately, I was never able to afford my own horse, and when the real world came knocking, I had to give it up. I miss it to this day. The really sad part is that the stables and rings and trails are now a townhouse development. Not a sign left of the place I spent a large chunk of my childhood. They say it's progress. I don't agree.

Anyway, with In the Enchanter's Arms, I got to relive some of my youth and also live a little bit vicariously through Reggie, since she accomplished many of the dreams I had when I was younger. Of course, due to the nature of the world Reggie lives in, I needed to merge both my childhood dreams and one of my current favorite universes, the Magiste. Turned out it wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be. In fact, this tale was probably one of the easiest to fit the Magiste world into. 

Another fun twist with this story is that Reggie fancies herself a Domme, but she also has a submissive side, much as she tries to fight it. It only takes the right man to draw that from her, and Cameron McIntyre is just the guy to do it. I think Cameron is one of my "nicest" heroes, though he can be as harsh as the rest of them when he needs to be. But his domination has a softer edge than many of my other heroes, which is exactly what Reggie needs, even if she refuses to recognize it.

So here's that beautiful new cover, and the links to get your hands on In the Enchanter's Arms. And of course, there's a sexy excerpt below as well!

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** It Takes a Powerful Dom to Make her Want to Submit **

Being in control of her life is Enchantress Regine Marchand's mantra, and the role of Domme is the perfect way to do so. An accomplished equestrian, championship is in sight - no one will get in her way, not even an overbearing Dom who vows to take control.

Fascinated by Regine's cool fa├žade, Cameron McIntyre senses the depth of passion lurking under the surface. Despite her protests, he recognizes her desire to submit, and vows to be the one who dominates her. But when he is forced to suspend her from competition due to illegal performance enhancement spells, he fears he will drive her away, instead of into his arms. Believing in her innocence, he promises to help learn who set her up while convincing her that submission to him is what she truly wants. Submitting to the tall Irishman brings a new level of pleasure Regine has never known, and makes her question everything she knew about herself.

When an unknown enemy from her past targets her for revenge, she and Cameron must discover who wants to knock her out of competition for good, possibly killing her in the process. 

** Contains lots of explicit Magically Kinky! love scenes of the paranormal kind, including magical sex toys, potions, bondage and spanking and more!

Here's the excerpt I promised – you might want to keep a cold glass of water on hand, to drink or dump on yourself! lol

Reggie couldn't believe she was standing in McIntyre's living room, calmly admitting the often-denied fantasy she'd never shared with anyone. She wasn't stupid, she knew her mother was a submissive and the chances she shared some of those tendencies wasn't unrealistic. But both her father and brother were very powerful doms and she had so much more in common with them, other than the color of their eyes.

She studied the man before her. What was it about him that enticed her so and left her unable to prevent the embarrassing admission?

His dark hair, and dark piercing eyes, had her practically drooling, and the few tastes she'd had of that sensuous full mouth had been delicious. But there was something more, something she couldn't pinpoint exactly, that intrigued her like no man had before. Perhaps it was his hands, with long, strong, fingers that she imagined slipping into her heated pussy.

She heaved a deep breath. Do not think about that! She knew instinctively, whatever it was this man possessed that so enthralled her, encompassed way more than anything of a physical nature. She recalled the night in Chicago. Even with his mask, she had seen his eyes boring into her, almost seeing right into her most private thoughts. There'd been a connection between them, right from the start. Mon Dieu, she wanted to explore that connection.

She shook her head. She couldn't afford to. She'd come here tonight to get him out of her mind, to push the distraction he represented as far away as possible. This confrontation was supposed to make her dislike him, not intensify the jumble of unwelcome desires. Not jeopardize further her chances of reaching the success for which she'd worked for so long.

"Look, I only came here because … I'm heading out of town for a few days, and, well –"

"You wanted to ask me to join you?"

She gaped at him, then noticed the smirk hovering on his lips. "Ha ha. You're clever, I'll give you that. No, I needed to know you weren't going to continue to be a distraction while I'm working."

"Do I distract you, Kitten?"

The sound of the endearment sent another wave of heat to her core, her pussy growing wetter by the second. Zut, she could almost smell herself, and hoped like hell he couldn't. She shook her head, desperate to regain her control. Coming here had been a mistake. She thought if she could talk to him, and convince him … no herself … no, that wasn't right either … Why the hell had she come? Because she'd thought to exorcise the demon who'd taken hold of her senses, before she let him take over even more of her focus. Instead, she seemed to be getting drawn further into his web.

"I see that I do. And you don’t particularly like it, do you?" His low voice cut into her thoughts. A hint of an accent laced his words, but she couldn't tell if it was British, or Irish, or Scottish. He'd competed overseas; had David mentioned where Cameron had come from? She didn't recall, but clearly he'd grown up somewhere in Great Britain.

"No, I don't. I can't afford to be distracted. I'm very close to reaching a goal I've worked toward for many years and I will not allow you, or anyone else, to get in the way. Not now."

His nearness proved to be the biggest distraction of all. She needed to get out of here. She moved to step past him, but he grabbed her arm, holding her in place before him. Her stone warmed against her skin, and she thought about hexing him so he'd release her.

"Don't run, Kitten. I have no intention of interfering with your life in any way other than in my bed. Taking you as you were meant to be taken, giving you pleasure the likes of which you never could've imagined. My hands, touching you. My mouth, tasting you. And my cock, buried deep inside parts of you no other man has ever reached."

How in the hell did she think she had any chance of resisting that? Any woman, sub, domme, vanilla, would have a hell of a time not reacting. Reggie fared no better, her knees shaking more than they had the first time she'd entered a competition ring when she was six years old.

His grip on her arm remained a constant, hot and demanding, and he slowly drew her near again. He lowered his head. Like the proverbial moth, she had no will to move away.

The first touch of his mouth sizzled along her lips. She somehow managed to hold back a moaning sigh of pleasure, even as she yielded and allowed him to hold her still, and taste her again. What was she doing? But his tongue, the heat of his body barely touching hers, the masculine, spicy, scent of him, overcame her and she let herself get whisked away in the passion of his kiss.

He drew away and she realized she'd closed her eyes. A finger stroking along her cheek made her open them. She sighed to find him watching her, the heat in his gaze comparable to the inferno raging in her core.

"Ah, the kitten is purring. You see, Regine? That is just a taste of the pleasure we can share. Don't deny it. Don't deny yourself, us, of that delight." The hint of a brogue laced his words with a deep sensuality that set off those delightful vibrations in her belly.

She gulped, then shook her head. "I'll concede you're a great kisser. But I want you to stay away from me. I don't have time for these games."

"Give me one night."

She shook her head again, this time with confusion. "What?"

"One night. When it's over, you can walk away and I won't attempt to stop you."

"But when … I'm leaving in a couple of days. I don't have –"

"Tonight. Stay with me and in the morning, if you can honestly say I didn't give you exactly what you want and need, you can walk away and go back to your life. Let me prove to you what you really want."

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