Monday, November 14, 2016

New Cover Reveal - In the Enchanter's Arms

Here it is, the new cover for In the Enchanter's Arms! The third book in the Magically Kinky! Magiste Chronicles is back with a vengeance, and this new smoking hot cover is once again proof of the talent of Winter Bayne.

I'm excited about this relaunch – surprisingly, this book didn't need a lot of rewriting. This was one of the first books I wrote from beginning to end without having another project going at the same time. My critique partners know I usually am juggling two books at once  - and I do have 2 all-new WIP right now, as a matter of fact! This year in particular has had me working on several projects at a time, what with all the re-releases I've worked on. But this book (and the 4th in the series) was written pretty much exclusively at the time of its first draft. I don't know if that's the reason it didn't need a lot of revisions. Of course, I had to fix some things, like typos, and the million extra and totally unnecessary commas that had been added to the book. lol There were also some strange turns of phrase that needed massaging, but overall, this was a pretty clean manuscript. I think is one of my favorites, definitely in the top 3 - for the moment. ;-)

Here's the gorgeous new cover:

You can pre-order In the Enchanter's Arms now, at several ebook retailers, and on November 26, the book will be available everywhere, in both print and digital formats. Here are the pre-order links:

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* It Takes a Powerful Dom to Make her Want to Submit *

Being in control of her life is Enchantress Regine Marchand's mantra, and the role of Domme is the perfect way to do so. An accomplished equestrian, championship is in sight - no one will get in her way, not even an overbearing Dom who vows to take control.

Fascinated by Regine's cool façade, Cameron McIntyre senses the depth of passion lurking under the surface. Despite her protests, he recognizes her desire to submit, and vows to be the one who dominates her. But when he is forced to suspend her from competition due to illegal performance enhancement spells, he fears he will drive her away, instead of into his arms. Believing in her innocence, he promises to help learn who set her up while convincing her that submission to him is what she truly wants. Submitting to the tall Irishman brings a new level of pleasure Regine has never known, and makes her question everything she knew about herself.

When an unknown enemy from her past targets her for revenge, she and Cameron must discover who wants to knock her out of competition for good, possibly killing her in the process. 

** Contains lots of explicit Magically Kinky! love scenes of the paranormal kind, including magical sex toys, potions, bondage and spanking and more!

How about an excerpt? You know the drill – NSFW! :D Enjoy!

Cameron couldn't take his eyes from her. From the moment she'd entered the party, his gaze had been locked on her, the mass of dark blonde curls tied up in a long saucy ponytail, the stiletto-heeled boots that made her already long legs look like they stretched on forever. He found himself imagining what it would be like to have them wrapped around his waist while he pounded deep into her. The intense reaction shook him. Years had passed since he'd had a response like that to any woman. He knew in that moment, she was different.

She stood tall, almost evenly eye level with him. He liked that. He wasn't much for tiny women, fragile as birds, like the ones he usually found in clubs and parties. He always worried he would break them during a scene, the agitated concern leaving him detached and unfulfilled. But this woman, she could take what he gave her.

Did she play at being a domme, or had she only begun participating in the BDSM world? Something about her hinted at innocence, or a naiveté, that she covered with her steely attitude. He couldn't say for sure why he became convinced. Just a gut feeling as he'd told her. His gut was rarely wrong. He'd seen, rather than heard, the sharp intake of her breath when she'd watched the flogging and when the other sub had been forced to suck her master's cock, hands locked behind her back, at the mercy of the man who then laid a paddle across her ass. This mystery domme had clearly gotten highly aroused at what she'd seen, and none of it had to do with watching the other doms. Her gaze had been squarely focused on the women being tormented. No matter what denials she'd tried to make, the role of sub intrigued her. He'd been at this game for a long time and knew how to read people.

He watched her speak to her sub, the man sliding out of his leather pants to lie across the bench. She fastened his cuffs. Cameron absorbed every movement she made, the way her breasts pushed against her corset when she bent, the light catching the lines of her muscular thighs, visible beneath the short leather skirt, her lips moving when she spoke to the young man. He nodded, responding in the affirmative to every question and Cameron admired her for taking the care that the man would be comfortable. Well, as much as one could be, strapped down over a spanking bench, arse high while a woman laid leather across it.

Cameron wanted to tie her across that bench and redden her with a paddle, before he plunged into her welcoming heat. He shifted, his swelling dick constrained by his own leather garments.

She stood back, her crop tapping against her leg. He hung in the shadows, and couldn't help smiling when she glanced around. Was she looking for him? He suspected so. Something about the way she hesitated before she leaned over and spoke one last time to the man tied down before her. Cameron suspected she gave instructions to put on a good show.  Because she wanted him to be watching?

The man gave another nod and she responded with a pleased smile, but a tremor swept over her. She took a position beside the man, facing Cameron. Her eyes remained focused on the sub's ass.

His gaze raked over her lean, tall form. She might be an athlete of some sort; strong defined muscles revealed by the short skirt and corset, blended with luscious curves he'd love to run his hands over. He wanted her tied to his bed, open and helpless before him, surrendering her will to his. His cock pressed against leather, reminding him again how long it had been since he'd reacted so strongly to a woman. In the few years since losing Ciara, he'd taken his pleasures, but no woman had inspired this sort of response.

Below her mask, her plump red lips caught his attention. They bore the same shade as a mouthwatering glass of exotic wine, one he wanted to sip slowly and savor. Merlin, he could make a meal just nibbling on those lips.

Over the murmurs of the audience, Cameron clearly heard her say, "Count."

She raised her arm and brought the crop down across both cheeks of the man's ass. He barely moved and distinctly said, "One."

Cameron folded his arms, watching her technique. She did know how to wield the crop, bringing it down again and again, each strike landing directly beside the previous one, leaving a precise pattern of stripes. The sub counted precisely, though by the tenth stroke, a harsh groan escaped him when she swung the leather a bit harder. Cameron couldn't take his eyes from the domme. Her cheeks flushed, shoulders swaying with each breath, lips parted, she looked like a decadent, wild creature. One he wanted to tame.

He stood silently, absorbing every detail of her interaction with the sub. She crouched before his head and they spoke and for a moment, a smile curved her mouth. A surge of jealousy that she hadn't smiled like that at him surprised him. He wanted that warmth, wanted her touch. He had to fight to keep from stalking over there and pulling her long fingers away from the man's face.

All too soon, she uncuffed her sub from the bench and let him pull her close for a hug. Cameron's vision went red and his hands clenched. His teeth ground together as she turned away. He couldn't watch anymore. Need pounded in his head, his cock painfully hard. He needed this seen to. All around him, willing subs mingled, any one of them could take care of him. But he didn't want any of them. He made his way to the bar and growled out a request for a double Scotch.  He tossed it back, and requested another. Finally the haze in his thoughts cleared and he knew exactly what he had to do.

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