Monday, July 20, 2015

WARNING!!! So Hot, It Will Fry Your Kindle!

It's no secret that what I write is very erotic, with BDSM elements a common theme through all of my books. Since my books are historical and/or paranormal, I can twist things around a bit, break some of rules that are common to contemporary set BDSM romances, and generally make things up as I go.

My historical-set books in particular break a lot of rules. I like to call these stories "true-to-the-time" in regards to the fact that the heroes of my books are men who see what they want and simply take it, much as the men of the 13th and 14th centuries did exactly that. The difference being of course, that even though my heroes (or anti-heroes, in some cases) do take the heroine, there is a strong attraction and an emotional connection of some sort at the start. The heroine is his, and he will do anything he needs to do to protect and keep her. They aren't simply ruthless brutes, though my heroines might not always agree, at least at first.

When writing Warrior's Possession, I was able to use the theme of a secret traitor, possibly the heroine, Gillian, to propel some of the sexual aspects of the book. Royce has quite a set of sensual tools he wields against Gillian, to get her to reveal all her secrets. Gillian, on the other hand, is determined to keep those secrets, and finds herself enjoying Royce's torturous games. I had a lot of fun writing those scenes, and the chemistry between the two made it easy to spice up their love scenes.

Apparently, I spiced those scenes up a bit too much.

A friend of mine and fellow writer/critique partner, Janet Lane Walters, recently purchased Warrior's Possession for her Kindle. Unfortunately, the download fried her Kindle! Literally – she got about halfway through the book and the Kindle ceased to function.

Janet described to me what happened: 

"The day my Kindle died, I was reading your book, Warrior's Possession. The bit on the bottom said I had read 50%. Did that mean the glass was half-full or empty? What happened was my Kindle was empty. Did I cry? Nah, I just did what the screen told me to do and recharged the battery. Twenty-four hours later, the screen still said Battery Needs to be re-charged. Would I never be able to read this book? Now I could read it on the computer but I hate sitting at the computer and reading anything much longer than email or blogs of friends. So here I was with a dead Kindle and a half read book. The screen didn't even have what looked like lightning bolts. I called Amazon. This was Sunday afternoon just before I needed to leave my study and make dinner. I explained the problem and was told they would send me a new Kindle and I should return the dead one. Monday morning my third Kindle arrived. I returned the other. Then I had to wait for my son to come home from work to key the Kindle into the internet. I really blame the burn out on the heat level of this book. I will never know but now I can finish the story, one I've seen in several incarnations."  

Wow – you got the Kindle the day after you called! I'm impressed by that quick turnaround! Sorry I fried your Kindle, but so glad you were able to replace it and get to finish the book!

So a warning to anyone reading my books – make sure you are in very cool surroundings, the content alone will set the temperature to blazing hot! Dare to take the risk? Here's where you can get Warrior's Possession:

If you don't want to risk your reader, Warrior's Possession is also available in print:

Here's a little taste of this scorching erotic romance – but be careful! This might be the scene that shorted out Janet's Kindle! Keep some ice on hand in case you get burned! lol

“Tell me, what are you thinking about?”

Gillian met Royce's gaze, and gave a small shake before lowering her head. He tilted her chin up.

“Do not keep secrets from me. ‘Twill go badly for you.”

She stiffened and tried to ignore the burst of panic. “I keep no secrets.”

Proud of her steady voice, she boldly held his stare.

“I’m not so sure. But I don’t wish to think on that now. First is the matter of your punishment.”

“What? I’ve done nothing to warrant it!”

“Ah, but you have. Do you not recall striking me last night?”

Heat scorched her cheeks. God’s blood, she had hit him. It had led to the beguiling brutal and tender kisses they’d shared. A shiver slid through her veins.

“You insulted me.”

“There was no need for you to strike.”

He set her away from him and a chill drifted over her. Barely a moment later, he caught her wrists in one hand. She had no time to resist as he sat on the bed and hauled her across his lap.

She kicked and twisted, trying to free herself. “You bastard, let me go! I will not be treated this way.”

He said nothing while he caught her legs between his, imprisoning her further. She tugged against his hold on her wrists, but ‘twas like pulling against rock.

She screamed her outrage, but his grip only tightened. With his free hand, he stroked her arse and she gave another furious screech.

“Unhand me, you beast!”

His reply was to bring his hand down hard on her bottom. She stiffened in shock, the sting of the blow not truly painful. When the second strike landed much more harshly, she began to struggle once more.

“You cruel monster!”

“I expect to be respected and obeyed. You did neither.”

Another blow, and another, and another. Fire bloomed in her arse and she squirmed against his hold. Tears escaped her squeezed eyelids, but she held back her sobs, refusing to let him see any weakness. After several more strikes, however, the pain oddly seemed to fade, replaced with a heat that near matched what he’d stirred with his kisses. She stopped fighting, falling limp against his lap and waited for the next strike. When it came, she rolled her hips toward him.

The next blow seemed to take longer to come, but she anticipated it by counting the seconds between. This time, he didn’t hit hard, he lightly stroked her burning skin. A moan escaped to feel the fire spark still hotter at the gentle touch.

“Your skin turns a lovely shade of pink. I find myself hoping you will disobey often so I may enjoy the sight.”

His words, spoken in a gruff tone, added another dimension to the riot of thrills that took over her thoughts. And, ‘twould seem, her body. What had the man done to her?

She found herself suddenly upright, her sore bottom pressed onto his leg. Burying her face into his shoulder, she whimpered at the fresh burst of pain. Oddly, her nipples remained rock hard and eager. For what? The heat and wetness coating her sex left her unable to take a steady breath.

His hand slid along her breasts and she looked up into his face. His tawny eyes caught hers for a moment, before lowering to watch while his fingers rolled her nipple between them.

Flames erupted and she made no effort to conceal the moan of delight. His touch was unlike any pleasure she’d ever known. Her heart seemed to beat in time to the throb in the heated flesh of her bottom. Her husband continued to pinch and pull at her nipple, now turning his attentions to the other.

The wanton sensations flooding her left her quivering. To her horror, she pressed her breast into his hand, wanting more caresses. A husky chuckle accompanied a sharp pinch.

“I see you enjoyed my punishment. I don’t think you’ll like what I have in mind next.”

Before she could respond, he stood, scooping her against his chest before laying her out on the bed. The feel of the feather tick against her sore arse made her attempt to rise, but he held her down with one hand on her chest.


She didn’t dare defy him. She had no desire to be spanked again, though truthfully, right now, she might not have minded, noting the delightful languid feeling in her arms and legs.

He peeled off his tunic and Gillian found herself unable to look away as he removed his shirt then his hose. In moments, he stood bared before her. She held his gaze and detected a hint of humor there. Did he realize how hard she tried not to look at him... there?

He reached down and took her hand. She used all of her will to hold his stare as he guided her hand to his shaft and curled her fingers around it. She froze, her eyes widening to realize how very large his cock was.

She was no fool, innocent she may be. She knew what passed between a man and woman. But now she realized just how little she knew. How on God’s earth would he fit that inside her?

“You are afraid?”

His voice cut into the ramble of her thoughts and she gave a nod. Finally, she dared look at the hard and warm flesh she held. Her hand, surrounded by his, barely covered half the length, and her fingers only just fit fully around. Royce began to move, sliding her along his cock. After a few moments, she shrugged him off and shifted closer, still stroking.

He gave a low groan and she lightened her grip, worried she had hurt him. When she ran her fingers over the shiny tip, a sharp hiss escaped him. She looked up and found the most intense concentration lined into his face. His eyes had closed and his lips were tight, yet parted, allowing him to suck in air. The sight set her body burning anew.

He liked her touch. Pride and anticipation dimmed her apprehension. She took her time exploring him, leaning up and using her other hand to find his balls. Another groan and he pulled her hand away.

“Enough! Lay down.”

The sudden change in his tone alarmed her. At her hesitation, he leaned over and pushed her back against the pillows.

“I see you’ll need instruction on how to properly obey.”

She had no time to respond for he stretched out above her, taking her hands and drawing her arms above her head. He parted her legs with his and the panic returned at the helpless position. Her squirming did nothing to loosen his hold. He switched both her hands to one and used the other to land a light slap to her thigh.

“Be still. I wish to... inspect you.”

Stunned by his callous words, she froze, then began to struggle against him once more. "You insult me again. Why should I obey, you insufferable oaf?”

He slapped her again. “You are my wife now, and under the law, mine to do as I please. And now, I wish to see what my wife offers.”

“As if I’m no more than livestock to be bought or sold?”

“‘Twould be very unlucky for you if you tempt me to sell you.”

She let out a snarl of anger and fought to free herself. He caught her face with his free hand and devoured her mouth, swallowing her protests with his lips and tongue. He gave her no respite, drawing the very breath from her lungs and replacing it with a fire that threatened to reduce her to cinders. Forgotten were the angry words of moments ago. Now desire took their place, and Gillian’s struggles ceased as passion surged.


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  3. I had this on my wish list but is unavailable now will this be re rereleased?

    1. Hi Heather! Thanks for stopping by. And good news! All three of the Warrior's books will be re-released over the next month or so - Warrior's Possession will actually be first this time around. I'm working on a few minor tweaks and delicious new covers - keep an eye out for those to be showing up here any day now. :-) The first pre-order/release dates will be announced in about a week or so while I finalize all the details.