Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Surprise! Surprise! It's Release Day!

Guess what! I received an early birthday present today – Claimed by the Zyndevine is OUT NOW! You can find it at Amazon here:
I'm really excited to share this story – when I first created the Magiste (which I've said many times before was inspired by the Harry Potter books and movies), in the back of my head, this book's seeds settled in and took root. It didn't happen overnight, but from the moment Claimed by the Devil was complete, the idea for Henri and Chantal's story had simmered slowly, with each successive book providing more answers - and lots of questions, too - about how the Magiste came to settle in the New World, and of course, which ones were the trailblazers. Many of those questions are answered in this book, but of course, there's still more to uncover.

I hope you enjoy Chantal and Henri's story as much as I enjoyed writing it. They truly guided me through this one, though not without giving me some attitude along the way – a few scenes were not how I originally envisioned them, and wrestling them into shape didn't always work the way I wanted. Then again, I suppose that’s true with about every book I write. And yes, Henri pushed a few things before I intended they should happen, arrogant aristocrat that he is. ;)

Anyway, here's another taste of the Magically Kinky! love story between Chantal and Henri – so hold on tight and enjoy! Oh, and I'm giving away a copy to a random commenter, and I'll have more goodies as we roll into June.

Chantal stared at the tall blonde man. A Marchand! How had he come to find her in the forest behind her home? He said he was part of Il Resistasse, but she knew damn well his family was known as much for their lineage and wealth as for their practice of the dark arts. Rumors abounded that his family was responsible for some of brutal attacks on Inquisitioners, which had only served to increase the Church's actions against the Magiste.

"Well, Chantal, while you are here, you are safe."

"Maybe from the Inquisition, but who will keep me safe from you?"

He chuckled, a hint of a smile quirking the corners of his mouth. Her gaze was drawn to his sensual lips and despite the horrors of the night, a strange warmth slid through her veins, an odd sense of safety in the danger surrounding her.

"I assure you, you have nothing to fear from me."
His claim seemed sincere, but after what she'd endured…. She folded her arms. "Don't I? Everyone knows your family is–"

"Responsible for some of the same atrocities the Catholic Church commits against our kind? Yes, that is in fact true."

She frowned, her breath hitching for a moment at the implications. Was the illusion of rescue now going to damn her further? How could she be fool enough to potentially anger him? The chaos of tonight's disaster must have addled her wits.

"I didn't mean…that is, I have heard…." Fearing she'd insulted him yet again, she let the words trail away.

"What you've heard is indeed fact. Many members of my family, both distant and near, practice dark magic. My knowledge of such spells is quite extensive as well."

The panic that she'd found herself in a worse situation than at the hands of the Inquisitioners rose once again, nearly choking her. How could she think herself safe here? For all she knew, he'd rescued her only to torture her himself. At the thought, memories of the way her cousins had taunted her when they were children sprang into her thoughts. The recollection of the brutality they'd insisted was real suddenly seemed exactly so. Her head spun with memories, both old and new. Staring at Henri, she wondered what intentions lurked behind those silver eyes.

She turned, pacing the room, chewing on a fingernail. Her limited options loomed. She was all alone, and Henri had saved her life by bringing her to his home, even if it meant she might be subjected to hell while here. What could she do now? Fleeing in the middle of the night seemed the least safe choice. At least, for now. She needed time to collect herself, to fashion her flimsy nightdress into something more presentable. Then, she could thank Henri and be on her way. Where could she go?

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