Friday, May 22, 2015

Sneak Peek - Claimed by the Zyndevine

We're getting close – Claimed by the Zyndevine will be here in a couple of weeks! Book 4 in the Bayou Magiste Chronicles goes back in time to tell how the Magiste first settled here in America – in 1255, well before Christopher Columbus "discovered" the New World. Here's a little sneak peek to show how it all started:

Near Toulouse, France 1255

Henri adjusted his cloak, striding quickly toward the stables, thumb turning the ring on his left hand in a nervous motion.  The stone, set in nearly pure gold mined from the caves near Limoges, warmed.  He took a deep breath, teeth grinding in anger.  He had little time to reach his destination, and waited impatiently as the groom finished saddling his horse.  If he made it in time, he'd need the animal to help with the task that lay ahead.

Word had come that a family near Toulouse had been targeted by the Inquisitioners.  Each passing second seemed somehow a waste, spurring his impatience, the message arriving only minutes before.  In his mad rush to reach the stables, he'd avoided his parents, knowing they would disapprove of his actions.  While Edouard and Marie Marchand preferred dealing with the minions of the Church using dark arts, Henri feared such measures only served to increase the rabid urges of men who held power and hungered for more.  While he appreciated the use of sinister magic to bring his enemies to their knees, the brutality of the Inquisitioners far exceeded anything he'd witnessed from the Magiste.

Today's victims were a minor noble family of Magiste.  They'd lived peacefully for centuries on their land, alongside their neighbors.  What had changed to turn the evil eye of the Inquisition toward them?  The question lingered and he finally accepted the reins of his horse from the stable boy.   Thunder rumbled overhead.  Henri mounted.  Closing his eyes, he clenched his fist, the ring near scalding.


Beneath him, the horse pranced as the compression of the traveling spell took effect, sending Henri and the animal through distance and time.  When the pressure eased, Henri found himself in the middle of a lush forest, damp with a recent rain.  To his right, shouts sounded, and he wheeled the horse around.  Beyond the tree line, fire illuminated the night.  Henri's heart sank to see flames erupting from the windows of a large farmhouse.  Even from this distance, he could hear the screams of those trapped inside.  Merde! Too late!

Smoke quickly wafted toward the forests, the acrid stench burning his eyes.  A flurry of movement in the brush nearby drew his attention.  He dismounted and fastened the horse's reins to a tree.  He held his hands above the animal's back.


His ring warmed and the horse vanished from view, concealed by the spell.  No Mortals would find his mount.  Henri stood motionless for a few moments.  While the shouts of the Inquisitioners echoed around him. He ignored them, concentrating on the immediate area. 

The tingling awareness of someone else possessing magic grew stronger to his right.  He turned, his ring warming further and leading him closer to the source of power.  Another rustle of foliage, this time accompanied by a choked sob.  The flash of movement almost eluded him, but he headed in the same direction.  His ring grew hotter and hotter, nearly scorching his skin.  There, up ahead.  A woman ran, her long fiery hair catching on low-lying branches.  He picked up his own pace, desperate to reach her before the Inquisitioners.  He just about came even with her when she stumbled and fell, more sobs and gasping breaths reaching his ears, even over the din of chaos at the edge of the forest. 

Aware of two of the Inquisitioners closing in, Henri hurried to the fallen woman as she struggled to rise.  He held out a hand.

"Come with me!"

She froze, a shriek escaping before she scrambled away from him.  Damn, she thought he was one of them.

"If you want to live, come with me now!"

As Chantal is soon to find out, being rescued by Henri poses a danger all its own. When he introduces the innocent young Enchantress to Magically Kinky! sex, will she be able to resist his alluring domination?

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