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Pre-Order and Sale Now Live for The Magiste Chronicles!

The pre-order for In the Pureblood's Arms, Book 4 in The Magiste Chronicles, is live now at select e-book retailers! This smoking hot tale set in 13th century France tells the story of Chantal and Henri, two members of the Magiste, a magical race of people who live alongside ordinary humans. Of course, due to the superstitions and fears of the people of the time, exacerbated by the words and actions of the Catholic Church, they have much to fear from their neighbors and fellow countrymen.

This book has been revised in many ways, and sports a super sexy new cover by my favorite cover artist, Winter Bayne, and features Michael Foster as Henri. Check it out – isn't it beautiful?

In the Pureblood's Arms will be available everywhere, in e-book and print, on September 30, but pre-order it now so you'll have it the very instant it goes live. 

In the meantime, you can get Book 1 in the series, In the Devil's Arms, for only .99! But hurry – this special price is only for a limited time.

Here's an excerpt from In the Pureblood's Arms – links for both books are below. Henri has just saved Chantal from the forest behind her home, where an attack by The Inquisition's henchmen have left her family dead. Henri has brought her to his home:

"Chantal, for now, you must rest. You've been through a terrible ordeal."

She nodded and wiped her puffy eyes, her vision still watery. She took several shuddering breaths until finally, she calmed further, and the threat of fresh tears abated. With hands on her arms, Henri helped her to her feet once more and guided her toward a closed door.

He flicked his fingers toward the door and it opened. The moment he stepped inside, more oil lamps lit, and she realized this was his sleeping room. She couldn't stay here!

"Non, Monsieur—"

"Call me Henri. And don't fear. I won't attempt to seduce you."

For a moment, she thought she heard him whisper, "Tonight," but surely that was only her chaotic imagining. Still, intensity glowed in his eyes and she swallowed, hoping to soothe the lingering burn of her tears. Caught by the shimmer in his gaze, her own eyes widened, and her heart beat a little faster.

"Did you…?"

No matter how she tried, words refused to form. Another chuckle from Henri sent heat racing up her cheeks. He probably thought he'd saved a simpering fool. Determined not to appear weak any longer, she straightened her spine and lifted her chin. If he intended to take advantage of her, she would make the task as difficult as she could. As if in acknowledgement of her silent vow, the amulet stone in the pendant at her neck warmed.

Henri moved closer, so close the warmth of his breath against her hair grew into a tangible caress.
She held his gaze, trying to understand the strange heat in his eyes. A long finger stroked her cheek, sending an odd tingling through her and rousing a shiver.

"You will be safe alone in here tonight. Tomorrow, we will discuss what choices you must make."

He gave her cheek another caress, the heat of his hand soothing the riot of emotions swirling in her thoughts. Why should his touch calm her? Logic warned of the grave danger he presented, not to mention other members of his family, once her presence was known. She needed to be wary, though she doubted her half-trained magic would be capable of fending off his, should he try to use it against her. The knot in her gut tightened.

He pointed toward a table near a large window. "There is a wash basin there. I will arrange for some clean clothes for you. Are you hungry at all?"

She shook her head. The thought of food roiled her stomach. The terror, chaos and agony of the night left every bone in her body nearly ready to shatter. She had to admit the thought of curling up in the luxurious bed appealed.

Her gaze darted several times toward the iron poster bed, with its wide crossbars and… were those hooks fastened along the rails? Why on earth would he have…? Her eyes widened when her gaze reached the top of one of the posts. No! Surely, what she saw was an illusion, brought on by her tattered nerves. But when she looked again, there was no mistaking the iron cuffs hanging from each post, making the bed frame look eerily like one of the torturers' devices she had heard described.

She spun about, sucking in a breath to find him so close. The heat of his body seared through her ragged nightdress. Warm hands rested upon her shoulders. She tried to jerk free, but his grip tightened.

"Is this a sleeping room or a prison?" One more twist and she managed to put some space between them, even if he still refused to release her.

"I assure you, you will be quite comfortable here. I will be right outside the door should you need anything."

"But…why are there chains on your bed?"

The chilling grin he gave intrigued her. Nonsense thoughts poking into her frayed emotions and his possessive grip oddly enough lessened the chill lingering on her skin.

"You need not worry about them."

She wasn't so sure. "Why are you doing this?" Doubts about his intentions weighed heavily. If only her wits were sharp, focused, instead of completely illogical. Fatigue sapped her logic.

"Consider it a favor. However, don't think I will neglect collecting that debt."

The devilish smile adorning his face sent another tremor of uneasiness through her. Yes, he'd saved her from certain and likely gruesome death, but he posed a serious danger himself, in ways she wasn't sure she understood. Her fingers closed around her pendant, the blue stone warming beneath her touch.

His thumb under her chin tilted her head back, and before she could question him, his mouth lowered to hers. Surprise stiffened her, even as the brief acknowledgement she'd expected this pinched into her awareness. Yet, she found the feel of his lips sliding along hers pleasantly soothing. Warmth seeped through her veins, his mouth moving slowly over hers, tentatively, as if seeking some sort of affirmation. Powerless to resist, she kissed him back, seeking the comfort he offered.

At the moment of her response, he gave a muffled groan and crushed her against him, his tongue thrusting between her lips. The unfamiliar sensation drew a gasp, yet warmth continued to grow, slowly thawing the ice encasing her heart. Each velvet slide of his tongue along hers sparked a thrill that left her breathless.

Her knees buckled; if he hadn't been holding her, she'd have fallen. Instead, she gripped his arms, holding on tight for fear she might slip away into the darkness. Her head spun, and when his fingers slid through her hair, holding her still while he devoured her, an odd sense of protection infused the pleasure he stirred.

A moment later, she found herself abruptly released and he turned away. She pressed her fingers against her lips, noting how they felt swollen and tender, but in a way that left her wanting more. Realization sharpened her clarity. For a few moments, she'd forgotten the horrors of this night. Was that why he'd done it, to distract her, even if only for a little while? So far, he'd been nothing but courteous, well, until the kiss, but she could truly trust no one. Caution must guide her, and stealth. Most of all, she needed to strengthen her magic. She was still months away from her twenty-first summer, so her full powers had yet to blossom, as her father had told her. Certainly, they would soon. The notion soothed her worries, at least for the moment. She waited until Henri faced her once more.

"I will bring you some clothing. Tend to your ablutions and I will return shortly." He strode from the room, waving his hand. The door closed then locked. If he meant her no harm, why did he imprison her? She walked to the door and pulled the handle, but it didn't budge. He'd used a spell to secure her. Why? She closed her eyes, her amulet heating.

"Ouvrisse." The unlocking spell failed. Well, at least now she had proof his magic was stronger than hers. Not for long, though. Her bloodline was as just pure, even if it was not as ancient as his. And when she matured in a few months, she would be a force to reckon with.

But not now. Now, she was bone-weary, broken-hearted and the sense of being lost loomed heavier than ever. With a sigh, unable to completely forget the reasons that now she lived on the whim of a Marchand, instead of sleeping safely in her own bed, she walked toward the washbasin. Better to focus on what she could control, she reminded herself. Lifting the cloth beside the bowl, she dipped it in the water and wiped the soot from     her face and neck. She gazed at her reflection in the water and grimaced.

Leaves and twigs littered her hair, the natural soft waves transformed into a wild mass of unruly and snarled curls. She muttered a spell to remove the remnants of forest and ran her fingers through the tresses, smoothing the chaotic style. There, much more herself.

A knock on the door drew her attention. She turned just as Henri stepped into the room. His gaze settled on her and his eyes widened, a spark of delight glowing in the silvery depths. He held out a small bundle.


She accepted the clothing, thanking him.

"It is my pleasure," he assured her. He stepped closer once more and the odd hope he would kiss her again grew louder. As if he'd heard her thoughts, his hand slid to the back of her head, drawing her near.

"I find I'm unable to control myself."

He muttered the words absently, almost as if he spoke to himself, before taking her mouth once again in a searing kiss. Chantal leaned into him, wondering what power this man possessed to make her forget everything but the delight he stirred with his lips.

Then he was gone, the door once again closing and locking behind him, leaving her gaping after him in stunned silence. With a shake of her head, she removed her tattered nightdress and unfolded the one he gave to replace it, a dark green silk that slid over her skin. The luxurious feeling diverted a small measure of her distress. At this moment, she wanted nothing more than to sleep, to forget the night ever happened. She turned to the bed and froze, her gaze once more drawn to the manacles dangling from the posts.

After a slight hesitation, she inched toward the bed and pulled two pillows and a blanket from it, stepping quickly away. She set them on the floor, facing the bed. Just in case. After wrapping herself in the blanket, she lay down, fluffing the pillows beneath her head and praying to find a small measure of peace.

Here's where you can pre-order In the Pureblood's Arms:

*He saved her from certain death, but is he more dangerous – to her heart?*

In 13th century France, attacked by those carrying out the Papal Inquisition, Magiste Enchantress Chantal Belliveau is thankful for rescue from certain torture and death. But she never expected her savior to be Henri Marchand, one of a powerful pureblooded line of ancient Magiste, the Zyndevines, known for their practice of dark magic. Henri holds the key to her survival, but the danger he poses to her heart and soul could be even more perilous.

Despite his dark lineage, Henri is part of Il Resistasse, a handful of powerful Magiste fighting the atrocities the Catholic Church inflicts on their race. Saving Chantal becomes more than a simple rescue - the innocent young woman with half-trained powers enchants him more than he has ever been before. That she enjoys the dark side of pleasure he inflicts makes him question his determination to never give another his heart.

Chantal is horrified when Henri invokes an ancient spell, the Possede Puissant. The incantation leaves her little more than his possession. While she finds herself enjoying his dark and wicked sensual delights, she determines to free herself. Yet, the security she finds with Henri encourages her to stay by his side, claiming spell or not.

Resentment from Henri's family convinces Chantal she must ultimately break free of Henri's possession. When the Inquisitors attack, Henri convinces Chantal to embark on a journey to a new land, a journey that may well mean the survival of the entire Magiste race but the loss of her freedom forever.


And don't forget, you can get In the Devil's Arms for only .99 – for a limited time:

Can They Overcome the Past to Have a Future?

Helene Gaudet finds the perfect Dom in an internet chat room. When they agree to meet, Helene realizes why he knows her so well – he's Devlin Marchand, the man who, years ago, handed her over to a dark sorcerer – to be killed.

She wants to forget the past, including badly impaired magical powers and an ex-husband who cursed her, leaving her infertile. At first fearful of Devlin's intentions, she finds her passion for him is so intense after each encounter, she can't bring herself to leave.

Devlin's guilt over past betrayals grows when they learn the curse dogging Helene was created by the trove of magic created by his very own family. Devlin fears for their tentative relationship.

Will he be able to keep his vow to heal her, in every way possible, or will their enemies succeed in tearing them apart?

CreateSpace (print):

Both books feature Magically Kinky! love scenes of the paranormal kind, including magical sex toys, potions, bondage and spanking and more!

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