Wednesday, September 21, 2016

In the Mage's Arms - New Cover Reveal! Pre-Order Info!

Here it comes - Book 2 in The Magiste Chronicles - In the Mage's Arms! I'm super happy to have this book available again. I made some extensive changes as I went through the story - quite a few times,  I found myself cringing. Actually, way more than a few - there were far more scenes than I'd hoped that needed an overhaul or complete rewrite. I got positively ruthless with that delete key! lol But overall, I am very happy with this new version and think the story is so much stronger than before. Best of all, it's got a super sexy new cover, by Winter Bayne. The woman is just incredible, and I am loving the designs she's come up with for The Magiste Chronicles. Stay tuned for more of her talent.

In the Mage's Arms is available for pre-order now, in several places, with more to added in the coming days. This book tells the story of Lily, an Enchantress gifted with healing powers who has turned her back on magic, and Aidan, unexpectedly evolving into a Mage – a potentially crippling process. Only Lily's touch stops Aidan's pain, creating quite a dilemma for both. She must face the truth of who she is and Aidan must learn to be honest - it's the only way he'll earn Lily's trust. Takes a while for that to get through. ;-)

Immerse yourself in a world where magic is part of daily life, practiced by the Magiste, whose bloodlines can be traced back for centuries. Over the years, they've learned to use that magic in some of the most deliciously wicked ways. Featuring Magically Kinky! love scenes, In the Mage's Arms is sure to make the cool autumn evenings feel like it's the middle of July! Pre-order your copy today (additional retailers to be added in the coming days) and read a sneak peek below!

** He Needs Her Healing Touch, She Craves His Passionate Mastery **

Lily Prentiss wishes she could ignore her inborn healing magic so she can live life on her terms, not follow the path her Magiste family chose for her. But when she stumbles across Aidan Marchand in the excruciating throes of evolving into a Mage, her touch is all that stops his pain and she can no longer deny her powers. When the sexy Dom seduces her into willing submission, she finds she doesn’t want to resist and actually enjoys giving up control.

Aidan has more to worry about than just his rapidly maturing powers – his business partner is blackmailing him into funding a venture that involves kidnapping young girls both magical and mortal, and selling them as sex slaves. Even as Lily’s touch eases Aidan's pain, he knows staying with her puts her in danger from his enemies. But the gift of her sexual submission helps him even more than her healing how can he let her go?

** Contains lots of explicit Magically Kinky! love scenes of the paranormal kind, including magical sex toys, potions, bondage, spanking and more!

Here's that Sneak Peek, Lily and Aidan are about to come face to face:

The sudden shock of a fiery knife twisting in her side, ripping her apart, sucked her breath from her lungs. Panic and fear crashed into her. Panting heavily, she looked down. No blood. She spun about and the searing pain suddenly stopped. She barely had a moment to search for her attacker when the burn sliced into her again. She doubled over, stomach heaving.

Vision blurred, she again searched for an assailant, but there wasn't anybody there. Fuck! What the hell was going on? A moment of relief allowed her to gather her wits and her breath.

An agony–filled groan cut through the humid night. Who was that? She still saw nothing but the empty park. Another visual inspection of her body revealed no physical wounds, but the stabbing sparked again, chasing any coherent thought.

Strangely, the pain didn't come from outside. Even though she truly felt as if she'd been ripped open, no physical wound had been inflicted on her. Could this all be in her mind? Mon Dieu, what could it be? She wanted to scream against the noise resonating in her head, each throb sharp and explosive, like crashing cymbals. She couldn’t be imagining this agony; it hurt too much. What the fuck caused it?

Another twist of scalding fire hit, this time racing along her spine. She cried out, falling to her knees. She pressed her hand against her mouth to muffle the scream. Fearful sobs choked her and she fought to hold them back. She could barely see through the suffocating distress.

More cries and moans echoed in the darkness. Where did they come from? Halfway gathering her senses, she looked around again. There. Behind the statue of Jackson. She sucked in several deep gulps of air and forced herself to stand on shaky legs. Each halting step jarred, each rasping breath scorched as she inched closer to the statue. She leaned heavily against the stone and panted. The soreness in her side receded a little, giving her enough strength to creep carefully around the monument.

A man lay huddled on the ground, curled in a fetal position. She focused her attention on him, forced herself to ignore the agony, although the pain had changed, felt different, less intense and overpowering. The man continued whimpering, the sounds hoarse. Lily crawled, each movement slow and careful, so as not to startle him. He gave another rough shout and she froze momentarily before creeping a bit closer. The man clutched his head, gave a violent shudder and cried out again. The sound sent chills racing across her flesh.

After a brief hesitation, she knelt beside him. She tentatively reached out and placed a hand on his shoulder. His obviously pain-filled writhing calmed the instant she touched him. Her fingers tingled where they came in contact with him; not a painful sensation, but rather like a burst of energy that coursed through her, flowing from her into him like an electric current, invigorating and calming at the same time.

When the last of his violent movements stilled, he turned to her and opened his eyes. She froze, pinned by his silvery gaze.

Aidan Marchand.

It had been years since she’d seen him, even longer since she’d exchanged more than a word or two with him. Sort of a relative, since he was her godmother Helene’s stepson. Lily had barely known him; he'd been a few years ahead of her in school. But just like every other girl in the school, she'd briefly entertained a fascinated crush, though the minor obsession with the school's star athlete hadn't lasted very long.

What was wrong with him? Had he been cursed? She needed to get some help.

She drew her hand away and he immediately cried out, his body wracked once more with shudders. The sharp stabbing started again in her side, fiercer than before. She bent over, seeking some way to ease her discomfort. He reached for her. Before she backed far enough away, he grabbed her wrist. Even in the throes of whatever madness held him, his grip remained strong, too strong to break. But he calmed once more.

"Don’t let go."

She barely understood his slurred words. "Wh-what?"

"You’re a Healer. Don’t let go."

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