Saturday, May 14, 2016

Warrior's Wrath is Out Today!

It's Release Day for Warrior's Wrath! Book 3 of the first trilogy in The Medieval Warrior's Legends was originally released back in 2014, and has now been updated and revised and sports a sexy new cover!

The idea for this book had been with me for a long time, since I wrote Warrior's Possession way back over 20 years ago, but it didn't take shape until a few years ago. I really enjoyed spending time with these characters as they worked their way through the darkest moments of their lives. Rowan starts out happy – after all, the joyous occasion taking place in his home is sure to make anyone happy. But that happiness is quickly turned to fierce anger and bitter despair when he learns something about himself that makes him question everything – and everyone – he's ever known.

Aeron's situation is even worse. She has experienced unimaginable loss and is facing being hanged as a murderer. Circumstances force her into a desperate way of life, and though she flirts with further disaster every day, it isn't until she encounters Rowan, and his faithful friend Gerard, that she realizes just how close she has drifted toward the flames – right into the fire, as a matter of fact.

But that fire burns oh… so… good.... ;-p

Yep, just like many of my heroines, Aeron finds herself faced with a difficult choice – one that goes against what she has been raised to believe is right and proper, yet tempts her with an intense pleasure that hints at a future of happiness, despite the wicked and dark turns that pleasure and happiness take.

Prim and proper she may have been raised, Aeron shares a common trait with many of the other heroines I've written about – she learns she must make her own happiness, and doing what is best for her, convention be damned. Even if that means being a target for Rowan's rage. Besides, Gerard, Rowan's closest friend and ally, tempers Rowan's bitterness. ;-)

Anyway, here's the sexy new cover, and you can also read an excerpt of Warrior's Wrath – warning: NSFW!!!!

** Caught as a Thief, Her Penalty Rouses A Searing Passion **

In 14th century England, a long-kept secret devastates Rowan Langley. Anger sends him on a quest for truth. He trusts no one, keeping others away, except fellow knight Gerard.
Aeron Dawkyns, fleeing Wales and a charge of murder, lives on the street, pickpocketing. She steals Rowan's coin. Later, Rowan catches her attempting to steal his horse. She has a choice – serve them both with her body, or be handed over to be hanged. She chooses Rowan and Gerard.
Serving an angry Rowan has dark pleasures Aeron learns to crave. She feels safe, despite the knights' wicked games. When Rowan drags her back to Wales, she fears that safety will be destroyed.
Rowan learns Aeron's plight and vows to hunt down her enemies, promising to protect and keep her. Yet he worries he's no better than her enemy. Still, he craves his slave's touch, as much as he craves her heart.
Staying with Rowan becomes Aeron's heart's desire – but could mean her death.
** Featuring A Kinky Twist on History! including male domination, bondage, spanking, multiple partners and more!

Here's the excerpt: 

If these two men insisted on taking her, she had to make the act easier on herself. Appearing eager would be easy – she was eager. But she feared what would happen to her once they introduced her to the pleasures of the flesh. She was not wed to either, or bound to them in any legal way. After tonight, her chances of forming a respectable marriage would be nil. And yet, what choice did she have?

She lowered her head, shame now pushing through to be heard amidst her tumultuous thoughts. But she was not permitted to hide. A finger under her chin forced her to look up into Rowan's eyes. Did she see a glimmer of regret in his stare, or was it just a flicker of moonlight?

"Over there, Gerard. That tree limb should be secure enough. It supports the entire dwelling."

Before Aeron could decipher Rowan's words, she found herself tugged to stand by Gerard pulling on the rope. She wondered what he intended when he pulled her toward the center of her hut, then looked up and spotted the noose hanging from the sturdy branch which had formed the basis for her shelter. Nay!

She tried to run past Gerard, but he caught her about the waist, halting her flight. Rowan grabbed her shoulders and held her captive while Gerard pulled down the rope tied to the branch.

She held back a sob, hating herself for thinking these two would show her mercy. They would hang her after all. If only she had succeeded in driving her dagger into Rowan's heart.

To her surprise, she found the noose looped round her wrists. Seconds later, her arms were pulled up over her head. But... she settled bewildered eyes on Rowan.

"What are you doing?"

He said nothing, merely stepped closer, Gerard adjusting her bonds. Her arms were tugged even tighter, until she had to balance on her tiptoes to support herself. Otherwise, her already sore wrists would support her entire weight.

Rowan slapped her thigh. "Spread your legs."

His tone held ice, and yet, Aeron responded in the most confounding way. Heat flared within, her sex clenching, the folds of flesh hard and quivering. The anticipation left her more confused than ever.

"Obey me, or suffer the consequence."

Aeron struggled to spread her legs, but her stance was precarious. Her muscles strained almost painfully. She held back her question when Rowan nodded to Gerard, afraid of what the signal meant.

The fair-haired knight stood behind her and kicked her legs wider apart, his hands on her hips to hold her steady. She struggled against his hold, but bound as she was, had no leverage to escape his grip.

"Stop this! I cannot go further!" she cried.

Still, Gerard continued to push her feet further apart. Rowan stepped before her, his stare penetrating. Again, she tried to shrink back; again, Gerard's firm hold gave her little leeway.

The sudden feel of Rowan's hands between her legs, his fingers searching and stroking, drew a startled yelp, yet she couldn't deny the delight he stirred. She sucked in a deep breath, trying to force her response back, while his seeking fingers moved along her flesh. Heat flooded her face to know he had discovered her shameful secret. His grin held the knowledge she tried to hide. His finger shoved deep into her.

She bit her lip to keep herself from crying out, but not in outrage. The sensation of his finger thrusting in and out of her stirred the unknown sensation to a point she didn't think she could bear. Need, hot and fierce, rose swiftly and to her horror, she realized she pushed her hips toward him, seeking more of his devilish touch. How could she want this? But she did, her body overruling her logic. Surely his touch, the touch of the devil himself, had driven her mad.

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