Monday, February 8, 2016

Warrior's Vengeance - New Cover Reveal

I'm very excited to share the sexy new cover for Warrior's Vengeance, Book 2 in The Medieval Warrior's Legends series. This book was first released in 2012, and tells the tale of Marissa Langley, daughter of Royce and Gillian from Warrior's Possession. Marissa finds herself in a bit of a predicament when her father's enemy takes her captive in revenge against her father. Ian MacCallum has vowed to destroy The Panther for the murder of his wife and son, and what better way than to make The Panther's daughter his slave? Of course, things aren't always as they seem, and during the course of her captivity, Marissa learns quite a bit about her father, herself and Ian.

Pre-order and release information will be coming in the next couple of weeks - and the best part is that, like the other books in The Medieval Warrior's Legends, the price for Warrior's Vengeance is much lower than when the book was initially released.

I do have to include a warning about this book – it contains scenes of forced seduction, and Ian, in his quest for revenge, acts a bit un-heroically at times. His anger and grief over his loss drive his actions, but Marissa teaches him to get past that and see the truth. Not that their journey is an easy one – Marissa endures cruelty at Ian's hands – he even shares her with his clansman Jamie (though she's not really complaining *wink, wink*), but when others threaten her, Ian is there to protect her as he grows to care for her more and more each passing day.

Here's the cover – isn't it lovely? I really had a lot of fun making this cover, and I'm getting better with each one. The advice and feedback from my very special critique partners are definitely helping my skills in that area. Personally, I think the pose really conveys the dramatic nature of Ian and Marissa's relationship. What do you think?

Here's the blurb and a little teaser from Warrior's Vengeance:

** Taken by her Enemy, She Soon Craves her Captor's Ruthless Passion **

Near the Scottish border during the reign of Edward I, Marissa Langley, daughter of a powerful English earl is captured by a band of marauding Scotsmen. Completely at their mercy, she is desperate to escape. When the leader of the group saves her from certain rape, she believes she will be freed.

But Ian MacCallum is no savior. He takes her for his own, seduces her then makes her his slave. Her collar and chains are part of his vengeance on her father—the man Ian claims is responsible for the death of his beloved wife and son.

But her immediate death is not Ian’s plan. He subjects her to daily suffering and punishments and goes so far as sharing her with another clansman. Yet, her spirit will not be broken. He finds himself drawn to that core of strength within her; finding it most exquisite as it cannot be violated.

When danger from within his clan threatens her, Ian protects her, discovering at the same time that he does not want to lose her, ever.

Marissa makes her own discovery: she comes to crave Ian’s torturous touch. When she learns the source of his hatred, she is certain he is wrong. Her father would not commit such atrocities. She waits for the moment when she can escape and prove her father’s innocence. But that would mean leaving Ian when she is no longer sure she wants to be free.

Includes: Bondage, collars, forced seduction, spanking, multiple partners and so much more!

Here's the excerpt – warning: NSFW!
Marissa's fear left her frozen standing near the bed when the chamber door opened. Ian strode in, followed by his clansman. Jamie turned to bar the door as Ian walked over.

"Remove the dress." The softer man who had kissed and held her tenderly earlier had vanished.

She swallowed past the lump in her fuzzy and dry throat. "Am I to be punished now, then?" She glanced at Jamie, who now stood beside Ian, hands on his hips.

The two men could almost be brothers, adorned in their kilts, dark wavy hair falling to their shoulders, neat beards that highlighted strong jaws. Dark flashing eyes that seemed to see right into her soul. Knowing she would be at their mercy tonight both excited and frightened her. Ian still meant to punish her, of that she was sure, but what role would Jamie play in the event? Still, the idea of both of them touching her, taking her, as they had done before, set off tremors of eagerness she couldn't deny. Keeping it concealed from the two men became a struggle, but she could at least be honest with herself, no matter what she told them.

"'Tis not your place to question. Remove the dress, or I'll remove it for you."

She sighed, reaching behind to undo the laces that kept the garment tied around her neck. Her fingers brushed the metal collar, and a renewed flash of annoyance at its meaning stirred. She glanced at Ian, who stood watching, waiting, his arms folded. How she longed to let loose her frustrated irritation, but didn't dare. Not with the two of them standing over her. Chained and unarmed, she stood no chance of besting them.

Laces freed, the rough gray wool slipped off her body, leaving her bared before them. She lifted her chin. The delight sparking in their eager gazes suffused her with pride. They found her attractive. They wanted her. Despite her situation, the heady sensation of that knowledge spurred her excitement.

Her nipples hardened in the cool air, and a moment of embarrassment washed over her. She fought the urge to cover herself with her arms, as she probably should. Instead, she issued a silent challenge with her eyes, and a hint of a smile.

"Ian, the lass is bold," Jamie finally said, the thickness of his voice starkly evident in the otherwise silent room.

"Aye." Ian's voice, just as husky, revealed his desire as well.

Marissa's heart raced, knowing she was the cause of their lust, and as much as she worried what was yet to come, she knew these two handsome men would give her that glorious pleasure they'd introduced her to. As long as she remained at their mercy, she might as well enjoy it, consequences be damned. There was no escape, but also no need to make her circumstances any more miserable.

"Time for your punishment, lass. Come." Ian turned and whispered something to Jamie, then sat on the bed. He waved her toward him.

Marissa's step landed more hesitantly than she preferred, but she soon stood before Ian. He grabbed her wrist and tugged her down across his lap, his legs pinning hers between them. Jamie took her wrists and held them tightly in his lap. Her hands rested on his kilt, and the hardness there left no question to his reaction to her. A wisp of pleasure ignited in her core.

Each breath shuddered through her as Ian's hand lightly stroked her arse. This she could bear, and would survive, and she relaxed in the hold of the two men. When Ian's hand came down hard on her bottom, she gave a sharp gasp.

The bite of the strike, and the warmth that followed both hurt and thrilled. She hadn't expected the jolt of pain to turn to pleasure, her pussy swelling with the next stinging slap. She jerked against his hold, barely a chance to catch a breath as the next hit landed, and she realized he used both hands now, one sliding between her legs to tease her sex.

"She's wet, Jamie. See?"

Marissa's face heated and she kept her head down when Ian withdrew his hand. She knew he showed it to Jamie and her shame at finding pleasure during such a degrading act brought the sting of tears.

"Aye," said Jamie. His finger under her chin forced her to look up at him, her wrists still held tightly in his other hand. "'Tis nothing to be ashamed of, lass. For some, pain can feel as good as the tenderest caress."

Somehow bolstered by his words, Marissa barely flinched at the next strike, biting her lip to stifle a gasp when Ian's fingers once more found their way to tease her pussy. Jamie's finger ran along her lip, pulling it free of her teeth.

"Dinna hide your cries, lass, we want to hear you."

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