Saturday, January 2, 2016

It's Release Day for Norseman's Deception

Great news today - Norseman's Deception is available at all major e-book retailers! Book 2 in The Norsemen Sagas comes hot on the heels of Book 1, Norseman's Revenge, an Amazon UK Best Selling Viking Romance and tells the story of Thora and Ari, two lone travelers whose separate journeys collide in ways they never imagined. And just like Book 1, Norseman's Deception features A Kinky Twist on History! including bondage, spanking and more! 

Here are all the places Norseman's Deception is available for purchase :

And here's a little more about the book, as well as the cover – and check out an excerpt below (but be careful, NSFW! lol): 
** He saved her life – can the gods save her heart and soul from the mysterious loner's dark desires? **

Fearing an arranged marriage, Thora Korisdotter flees her village, vowing never to return. With her two pet wolves beside her, she is confident in her safety, protected by the loyal animals. But outlaws attack, wounding one of her beloved pets. Only a mysterious stranger saves her from certain death. Now in his debt, she must repay him as he asks – with her body.

After being cast out of his clan as an outlaw, Ari Hugisson has wandered for years. The time of his banishment is nearing its end, and Ari has the proof he needs to clear his name and unmask the real murderer – his brother. His journey is delayed when he comes across a beautiful woman under attack. Compelled to save her, he also knows exactly how to claim the debt she owes, using the passion lurking under the surface of her fiery nature.

Betrayal cuts deep with the revelation Ari has lied and knows well the man Thora was to wed. But the passion he stirs is unlike anything she has ever known, even if he insists on treating her as little more than a slave.

When Ari confronts those who would see him killed, will Thora stand beside him, even at the risk of losing her family – and her heart?

** Contains explicit love scenes featuring A Kinky Twist on History! bondage, spanking and more!

Thora hitched a breath, her vision blurred with tears. Despite her anger at the way Ari had spanked her, need ran through her with such force, she had little strength to resist. How could the pain of his punishment spark such hunger, make her want to once again feel the blinding delight he'd given her earlier?

The intensity of her desire frightened her. She'd never imagined such passion truly existed, despite seeing the deep love her father and stepmother shared. To experience some of it for herself left her stunned and exhilarated, excited and terrified, all at the same time.

When Ari's fingers gently wiped away her tears, she nearly threw herself on him. What was wrong with her? She should be furious with how he'd treated her, but the burning soreness in her bottom throbbed through her in an oddly pleasant manner, feeding her desire instead.

Silence hung heavily between them, only her ragged breaths breaking the quiet of the night. He pulled her near and she made no attempt to resist, seeking the heat of his lips as they neared hers.

At the first contact, he devoured her and she let him, meeting the harsh thrusting of his tongue driving deep into her mouth. A growing awareness of what she wanted, no, needed, sparked within, and the desire to resist faded further.

For what seemed hours, he did nothing more than kiss her with a hunger she feared might consume her. When he finally drew his mouth from hers, she opened her eyes to find in his a lust that surely matched her own.

Why did it seem that he roused something in her she had never even realized she had been missing? Even with her hands bound, after he'd spanked her, she wanted nothing more than to lose herself in the fire of passion. As if something had been absent within her, something Ari brought to life in a way that left her reeling.

The last of her determination to resist crumbled to dust. She wanted the fire he stoked. Having tasted the bliss his touch could bring, she found herself with a hunger for more. The last vestiges of embarrassment floated away on the evening breeze. Why shouldn't she seek her pleasure? No longer did she resent the leather binding her wrists. Despite the way his lips and tongue wreaked havoc on her senses, she had the presence of mind to realize he no longer held the trailing end of her bonds. She lifted her arms, letting her bound wrists settle against the back of his neck.

The sudden tensing of his body sent a shiver along her spine. The surprise in his stare sparked an instant of humor, one quickly chased by the untamed gleam that arose a moment later. Thora's heart tripped in its rapid rhythm.

"I think you like acting my slave."

The deep husk in his voice drew a responding heat in her core. She pressed against him, her sex needing the contact with his own hard and hot flesh.

"No, I merely seek my own pleasure."

The grin lighting his face grew positively feral. The sight called to her in a way that left her anticipating what was to come with an eagerness she'd never known before.

"Well, then, I shall do my best to give you that. After I've reached my own."

The brief spark of annoyance flared and faded. She didn't care anymore, she only wanted what he would give her. He'd already proven his masterful touch could inspire a ferocious desire that shattered her awareness of everything but him. She found she rather liked it, though the tiny voice of reason continued to warn of the danger that lie in such feelings. At that moment, he thrust his hips toward her, the heat of his hard shaft sliding along her sex chasing any remnants of caution to the wind.

Ari continued to move slowly against her, stirring her to the fever pitch of moments before. She arched toward him, pressing her mouth against his neck and kissing and licking the salty, heated skin. A wild quivering swept over him before he stilled.

She drew away and lifted her questioning gaze to his.

"Why did you stop?"
Ari ground his teeth to hold the climax threatening to explode at bay. The husky question, laced with frustration, combined with the feel of her slick and hot pussy, threatened to sever the already tenuous hold on the reins of his control and he wasn't even inside her yet. Her feisty passion combined with a healthy portion of innocence unleashed something primal within him he couldn't name.

"I am not yet ready." He forced the words through his clenched jaw, inhaling sharply when she undulated toward him, the flesh of her sex surrounding him nearly as delightful as if he were fully engulfed in her sheath.

He grabbed her hips. "Remain still."

The fire of annoyance flared in her dark gaze, but she said nothing. Was that a curt nod indicating he should continue, or merely a way to protect herself from more discomfort? Strangely, he sensed a struggle within her, one to hold back. How he understood she was as caught in the torrent as he, he'd never know for sure, but the instinct gave him the strength he needed to contain his riotous lust. A few more deep breaths and he was once more eager to continue without the threat of ending the joining too soon.

He slid one hand to her pussy, stroking the swollen flesh surrounding him. In a few moments, he would be completely inside her, her sweet sheath completely enclosing his cock. Beneath him, Thora moaned and trembled, her legs wrapped tight around his back. He barely had room to move, but somehow managed to shift enough so the tip of his cock rested at her opening.

He reached up and brushed the hair from her face. Her gaze snapped to his and in the depths of her dark eyes, he read the same passion that held him just as tenaciously.

"This will hurt."

Several moments passed before she responded.

"Do it. Now."

He wasted not a second more and thrust hard, taking her innocence in one stroke. She cried out. Now embedded within her heat, Ari forced himself to remain motionless to allow her to adjust to his invasion, though he desperately wanted to drive still more deeply into her body.

He studied her, eyes tightly shut, vestiges of pain lining her face. "Thora, look at me."

Slowly, her eyes opened and despite the pain pulling taut across her cheeks, he saw passion still flaming in her stare.

"Only pleasure now. I promise."

He didn't wait for her response, merely shifted inside her, a hint of the way he wanted to take her. Her eyes widened, a hoarse moan shaking out of her. He eased back, savoring her cry of delight, then slowly slid deeper within her.

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