Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Release Day! Norseman's Revenge is Out Now!

⚶⚶⁂⚶⚶⁂⚶⚶       THE INVASION HAS BEGUN!       ⚶⚶⁂⚶⚶⁂⚶⚶  
⚶⚶⁂⚶⚶⁂⚶⚶     A KINKY TWIST ON HISTORY!     ⚶⚶⁂⚶⚶⁂⚶⚶

It's a big day today - the Vikings have landed! I feel like I've been talking about this book for months, and now it's finally here!

Norseman's Revenge, Book 1 in The Norsemen Sagas is only the beginning of the Viking Invasion! The first book in this new series that features A Kinky Twist on History! is now available to purchase from all major e-book retailers! Here's a list of places you can find this tale set in 9th century Scandinavia, where a brutal quest for vengeance leads to a soul-searing passion sure to leave you breathless:


* Kidnapped on her wedding night might be a blessing from the gods. *

Geira Sorensdotter awaits her new husband, but she's filled with doubts about the man and the marriage. Those doubts are forgotten when the village is attacked, her husband is struck down and she is tied up and carried off amidst the raid.

Kori Thorfinnson has waited years to take revenge against the man who murdered his wife. But he soon finds the innocent young woman he's taken as his personal slave is not his enemy, despite her marriage to his foe. Her courage in defying him, her caring heart, and the fiery passion she shares stirs feelings Kori hasn't known since his wife died. Afraid to lose Geira, he binds her to him in many ways – not only with rope, but with his body, his collar and his brand.
Geira quickly learns just how despicable her husband was, and despite her difficult circumstances, grows to care deeply for Kori, her captor. Still, dreams of freedom linger. But once she finds herself with child, she must plan her escape, to save herself and her baby.
However, Kori has plans of his own.

** Contains explicit love scenes featuring A Kinky Twist on History! bondage, spanking, ménage à trois scenes and more!

Here's a taste of Norseman's Revenge. It's Geira's wedding night, and she's not entirely happy about that. Little does she know that's the least of her worries.

"Come, Geira, it's time!"
The excitement in her friend's voice drew a smile, no matter Geira's uneasiness. Einnar turned. His gaze raked over her, returning to her face. The lust there drew a shiver.
"I cannot wait! I will see you shortly, wife." He grabbed her hand and pulled her close, lowering his mouth to hers, as he'd done a few times before. Despite her reservations, she felt no revulsion. In truth, she felt nothing. Maybe she could endure.
He released her and she stood, legs trembling. The sudden hard swat of Einnar's large hand on her bottom nearly made her stumble. She gave him a glare, which earned her only laughter in return. Lifting her chin, she turned, allowing Dota to lead her from the hall. As they made their way among the tables, past the dancers and several men engaged in an insult contest, Geira searched again for her father and brother. But they weren't anywhere to be found. She barely had time to focus on where and why they had disappeared before she was outside in the cool evening air, welcome after the oppressive and smoky heat of the longhouse. The soothing chill pronounced autumn had arrived.
Dota tugged on Geira's arm, pulling her close. Leaning over, she whispered.
"I've heard your husband is quite skilled in the marriage bed."
"I've not heard the gossip. What have you learned?"
Dota giggled, her gaze darting to the women surrounding them. The few who had accompanied them from her home walked alongside several other women. Part of her new clan. More laughter and whispers hovered around her and Dota, though most of the attendants hung back. Geira wondered at their sidelong glances and turned back to her friend. Dota continued to grin.
"Those who have lain with him say he is quite large and knows well how to wield his sword." Dota laughed again, dark eyes twinkling with merriment. "You're very lucky."
"Who said this? Is it one of them?" Geira gave a tiny nod to the women trailing them. Dota shook her head, her gaze darting away. Geira had the sense her friend hid something of import. What?
"Before now, he was unmarried. No one expects a warrior to ignore his urges."
Shouldn't the idea that her husband's past lovers could be attending her tonight trouble her? She found she didn't quite care. She looked to the heavens. Surely, Freyja would smile upon her, give her something to stir her emotions. Yet, no sign had yet appeared.
Passion. Geira wanted passion. Doubt her husband might spur such desire plagued her thoughts, rousing a moment of despair.
She stopped short, grabbing Dota's arm, forcing her friend to face her.
"How am I lucky?  Tell me who can advise me on the best way to lay with my husband."
Concern about her husband's honor rose again. If only she could determine exactly why she worried. Mostly, Einnar had shown her nothing but kindness. While his cruel streak had been clear in his dealings with others, he'd always been properly considerate of Geira. Until tonight, when his attention had turned bolder. Harsher. Maybe it was the excitement of the celebration that changed his demeanor from respectful to expectant. Or maybe he'd simply been waiting until she could no longer deny him. Apprehension loomed, much as she tried to ignore it.
Dota quickened her pace, fingers tightening on Geira's arm, seeming in a hurry.  "Trust him to guide you. He knows well how to please a woman."
Dota stared straight ahead, and a strange uneasiness shivered over Geira. Again, she had the sense her friend didn't share all she knew.
"How do you know this?"
The cloud-obscured moonlight made it difficult to clearly see Dota's face. "The whispers. I told you."
"Why did no one share this with me? Why did they tell you?"
Dota hesitated, clearing her throat. "To be honest, they worried they would frighten you. As your friend, they shared with me what they wish you to know."
Geira stopped and turned to face the women trailing them. "Which of you has lain with my husband?"
The giggles and whispers stopped abruptly. She peered at each of the women, but none answered her question. She folded her arms.
"I will not hold it against you. Until today, he was not my husband. But he is now. And if you can share anything with me that might make tonight… easier, please tell me."
More silence. Only the riotous sounds of the feast carried through the night air. Geira pressed her lips together and shook her head. She would get no help here. Dota tugged on her arm.
"Hurry or your husband will be at the hut before we are!"
Geira allowed herself to be pulled along, across the village square to the bridal hut which had been prepared for this night. She and Einnar would reside here for the next month, while the celebration and feasting continued. By then, winter would be near, and she and Einnar would move into the longhouse for the long months ahead. Another shiver at that thought. At least in the bridal hut, it would only be the two of them. The idea of sharing a home with the chieftain and his family left her anxious and unsettled. Maybe by the time the wedding celebration had ended, she would be more at ease with the change.
If only she could silence the voice in her head warning her of the misery her life might become.

Kori stood at the water's edge. Máni, the moon god, hovered behind wispy clouds, enough to soften the bright light, but not obscure it. Enough to allow Kori a clear view of tonight's journey, the end of the voyage begun a week earlier.
Across this inlet lay his enemy's village. He'd waited two long years for this night. Today's goat's blood sacrifice to Thor strengthened his confidence in success. Tonight, he would destroy his enemy and take everything dear to him. As had been done to Kori.
Word from a trader had come during planting time that Einnar of Fellskoger was about to take a bride. Kori's father, Jarl Thorfinn, had given his blessing for Kori's plan. The last months spent preparing for this raid before winter set in had been Kori's only focus. Each night, he wished his daughter sweet dreams, knowing his words did little to soothe the hurt and despair in her gaze, intensifying his anger. Avenging his wife would surely chase the misery he always found in his daughter's eyes. How he missed the mischievous sparkle.
His brother Hradi stepped up beside him. "Your honor will be restored tonight."
"Yes. The blood sacrifice will ensure it."
"The men are anxious." Hradi sucked in a deep breath. "It's a good night for a raid."
Kori gave a grim smile and nodded. His clan's warriors had not had the chance to raid for many weeks. They would be ruthless tonight. As would he. His body tensed in excitement. He imagined Borga watched over him, gave her blessing.
He studied the small rowboats bobbing at the shore. While not his preferred method for sailing, he'd carefully planned every leg of their journey to ensure no one would be able to find them once the attack was over. The rowed oselvars would be destroyed by the time the sun rose tomorrow and Kori and his men, and their bounty, would vanish into the mountains.
"Come. We go now." He signaled his men then strode to the boats.


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